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Nutrition and Self Control

So today I was chatting with my dirt bike group about willpower around nutrition. Most of the group felt like they don't have good willpower when it comes to treats. Rather than having one serving, they find they keep going back for more with little to no self control.

We chatted about awareness and how that can help us understand why you keep going back. The why is the key to figuring out how to fix these unhealthy habits of over indulgence.

My recommendation? When you find yourself in this position of going back for more, ask yourself what is happening and what has happened.

For example, having a stressful work day, a fight with a loved one, a restless sleep, missing a meal, etc. can have a huge impact of self control around snacking. If you can stop for a moment to notice and name what is happening emotionally, physically and mentally, you can often find the root cause of the over indulging.

When this happens, you realize that it's not necessarily a willpower thing as much as it's a situational thing.

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