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Is All or Nothing Thinking Sabotaging your Success?

It's January and a lot of us want to makes some changes. Unfortunately, many of us want this change to happen NOW. This leads to an all or nothing mindset.

Step 1: We decide on the change. Perhaps it's to start working out.

Step 2: We make a plan for that change. Usually this is where the all or nothing thinking comes in. We know that 5 days per week is the gold standard for working out so that's what we plan to do.

Step 3: We fail to keep the schedule. Because we haven't worked out before (or in a while), our lifestyle isn't conducive to 5 days per week yet. Our boss isn't used to us leaving at lunch/coming in later/leaving earlier; our mate isn't used to us coming home late or leaving so early in the am; WE aren't used to getting up SO early; we are tired after work; we don't have time...the list goes on and on.

Step 4: IF we keep that schedule, after the first week we are burnt out. We are SO SORE and SO TIRED. This is HARD.

Step 5: We quit. We can't hit that gold standard. We are weak, lazy... and a hundred other awful things we say to ourselves when we fall short.

That sad part is that now we are doing NOTHING.And we can't reach goals by doing nothing. So do we wait until next January to try again? No! Start small and build your way up. Look for ways to make you SUCCEED rather than things that make you fail.

If this feels impossible, maybe it's time to ask for help.

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