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In Season Dirt Bike Fitness

May 5, 2024 - Oct 19, 2024

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THIS PROGRAM HAS STARTED, but its not too late! Join the program now and reap the benefits of starting your dirt bike fitness journey! Enter promo code PRORATE at checkout for a late-entry prorated price You might think you don't need to train during the dirt bike season because riding keeps you fit. And yes, that is partially true. - Dirt biking absolutely improves your cardio! And it does marginally build strength. - However, it does not build muscle - Because it is primarily a cardiovascular activity; not only will you burn fat, you will also burn muscle - So if you aren't actively strength training during the summer, your body composition will change - for the worst - Which means you have more work to do during the winter to build that muscle back - And if like a lot of people you don't train during the winter, each year you'll lose more and more muscle - Which increases your risk of injury on the bike (and off of it) - And drastically increases your risk of disease My program includes: 🔹15 individual workouts (you will do each one for 4 weeks) 🔹6 informational coaching documents ranging from tips on arm pump to dirt bike specific nutrition 🔹guided videos on each movement 🔹tutorials on proper form and squat rack safety 🔹the ability to track all metrics within the app 🔹the ability to track nutrition through the app’s food diary 🔹access to myself with questions, concerns, modifications and encouragement Program is $999+gst

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In Season Dirt Bike Training


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